Midnight (or close to) Greetings!

This year most certainly has been a hectic one. But God is good, and I have been blessed beyond my own understanding. God and my family have taught me alot. I'm growing up (I think) and growing in my faith.

Some things I've learned:

• I'm pretty good at learning to play music of all sorts.

• I'm pretty bad at playing music of all sorts.

• I love my family.

• I do NOT always like my family.

• I can be extremely ungrateful of the aforementioned blood-relations.

• I can be stupid enough to be ungrateful for one of God's biggest gifts to me personally.

• God has given me talents and abilities that I can use to bring glory to Him.

• My sins and weaknesses tend to overpower my desire to bring God glory.

• I sin alot. I have many weaknesses.

• God forgives me alot. God doesn't change His plans just because of my stupid weaknesses. He shows a way around them (or through them!).

• I don't show love very well.

• God created love. He knows a thing or two.

In all earnestness, I wish I could say I have learned more this year than what is listed above. But, hey, it is only April!