Midnight (or close to) Greetings!

This year most certainly has been a hectic one. But God is good, and I have been blessed beyond my own understanding. God and my family have taught me alot. I'm growing up (I think) and growing in my faith.

Some things I've learned:

• I'm pretty good at learning to play music of all sorts.

• I'm pretty bad at playing music of all sorts.

• I love my family.

• I do NOT always like my family.

• I can be extremely ungrateful of the aforementioned blood-relations.

• I can be stupid enough to be ungrateful for one of God's biggest gifts to me personally.

• God has given me talents and abilities that I can use to bring glory to Him.

• My sins and weaknesses tend to overpower my desire to bring God glory.

• I sin alot. I have many weaknesses.

• God forgives me alot. God doesn't change His plans just because of my stupid weaknesses. He shows a way around them (or through them!).

• I don't show love very well.

• God created love. He knows a thing or two.

In all earnestness, I wish I could say I have learned more this year than what is listed above. But, hey, it is only April!

don't worry be happy

Who says there's no rest for the weary?

Recently, I've found myself becoming increasingly restless. At first, I assumed it was somehow related to my daily consumption of caffeine. After rendering that possibility improbable, I searched for the answer in the gloomy hardships of my physical handicap. Yeah, having reconstructive surgery performed on one of your feet stinks (get it?!), but I didn't have enough cause to feel so irritatable and tired over that. Perhaps I was suffering from a chronic case of video game deprivation? Nope. Fried my brains quite completely over Thanksgiving Break, thank you very much.

Tonight, I just so happened to turn to a very special passage in scripture. One in which the Teacher, Christ Himself, gives very specific instructions on how to live.

I could quote the passage here, but I'd rather you explore the Teacher's words for yourself. In other words, grab the vacuum cleaner and proceed to remove the massive layers of dust covering that oh-so-permanent fixture of your bookshelf (Your Bible) before flipping to Matthew, Chapter 6 (Matthew 6).

Here, as I read the words of Christ, did the Holy Spirit answer my question. Here He exposed the doubtful shadows lingering beneath my subconsciousness.

Again, I will refrain from delving too deeply into this passage, as it will mean nothing to you if it's simply regurgitated from my mind.

Here I found that Christ possesses a message of comfort for us all: Don't worry about tomorrow. Don't worry about money, or food, or clothing. Don't worry about relationships-gone-sour, or the uncertainty of life after High School, or landing a summer job. Don't worry about what others think of you.

Instead, the Teacher says to lean on your Father. The Dad that will always be there to love and protect. The Teacher shows us how to talk to Him, and compares the treasures and riches we can gain to the ones He will freely give us.

God is loving enough to bear our worries for us. He takes the depression away. He gives us an assured future, a future spent with Him.

Who says there's no rest for the weary?!


We all live for something.

Something pulls us through life, makes decisions for us. Something drives us to say what we say and do what we do. Something is more important to us than anything else we know.

We all live for something.